UC Merced International New Student Scholarship

The UC Merced International Student Scholarship is designed to assist international students with their education costs. New international undergraduates on F-1 visas who will be enrolling in Fall 2022 are eligible to apply. The International Student Scholarship is awarded competitively based on scholarly achievement, as demonstrated by academic transcripts, and responses to three brief essay questions:

  • Discuss why you chose to study in the US instead of your home country or another country. Don’t limit your answer to academic reasons, also discuss other factors in your decision to study in the US, such as culture, career opportunities, experiences that you’d like to have while you’re in the US, connections to friends and family who live in the US, etc.
  • Discuss why you chose to study at UC Merced. Please make sure to discuss any major, program or other academic or non-academic factor that attracted you to UC Merced.
  • Discuss how your personal background, experiences and perspective will contribute to UC Merced.

Because the Scholarship is a competitive award, not all applicants will necessarily receive awards. For those who do receive awards, amounts awarded may vary depending on the relative strengths of the applications received. For the 2022-23 academic year, it is anticipated that Scholarship award amounts will be between $2,000 and $5,000. Awards will be disbursed in two payments of 50% of the total amount awarded; the first payment will be issued in Fall Semester, the second in Spring Semester. Eligible students may apply for the Scholarship in subsequent years (continuation of the Scholarship in subsequent years is dependent on its continued funding).

Students who receive the Scholarship are expected to share their international perspective through participation in events or activities such as International Education Week, the Conversation Partner Program, and student organizations