The Swarth Fogel NRS Undergraduate Research Scholarship

The Christopher W Swarth and Marilyn L Fogel NRS Undergraduate Scholarship recognizes the long-lasting value and transformative power that field research can have on undergraduate students’ academic and professional careers, and the importance of creating access for more students to become actively involved in the field sciences.

Eligibility Criteria: The student(s) will be engaged in field research at UC Merced NRS sites, or other sites housed within the UC Merced NRS administrative unit (i.e., the Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve, the Yosemite Field Station, the Sequoia Field Station, the UC Merced SCICON Sierra Foothills Field Station, and any future UC Merced NRS reserves and sites).
Student(s) must identify a UC Merced faculty or UC Merced NRS staff member to serve as a mentor and supervisor. While all students are encouraged to apply to this scholarship, students from backgrounds that have traditionally been excluded from scientific and field science research are particularly encouraged. Students who have made or are making substantial contributions to diversity, equity, inclusion and access in science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) fields and/or research are also encouraged to apply.
Must have a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application completed by March 2nd and be meeting all University Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Proposed Research: This scholarship requires that students develop and implement a field-based research project on one of our reserves ( What research do you propose to do on the reserve? Include in your proposal: 1) the research question will you be addressing and why it is important; 2) the UC Merced NRS reserve location(s) where you will conduct the research; 3) how you will conduct the research (sites and/or times visited, methods, etc); 4) whether you have discussed your proposed research with the appropriate reserve director; and 5) do you have the appropriate permissions in place to conduct the research (or do you have plans to secure those permissions by the time your work starts; e.g., sampling permits, NPS permits, IACUC or IRB protocols, if applicable).
  2. Proposed Mentor: Please list the name and email address of the project mentor.
    • a. Mentor's Name
    • b. Mentor's Email Address
  3. Proposed Mentor: Please describe why you have chosen this mentor, whether you have or are currently working together in any way, and confirm that you have 1) discussed your proposed research project with them and 2) affirmed their commitment to serve as your mentor.
  4. Motivation for Research: What personal experiences or influences have shaped your interest in science and conducting field research? How will the research experience gained through the Scholarship program help you achieve your future academic and career goals?
  5. Contributions to diversity: UC Merced is committed to advancing diversity and access for students across all areas of study and all campuses. This scholarship focuses on extending field research opportunities to a diverse group of students who might not otherwise have access to such experiences. How have your life experiences positioned you to contribute to cultivating inclusivity in the field sciences? Please explain using your own experiences as a first-gen college student, member of a historically-excluded group, or any other significant experience, and/or through your efforts to broaden the participation of others.
  6. Please provide an academic/professional resume highlighting your academic accomplishments and any extracurricular activities.
  7. Follow up reporting: At the conclusion of the fellowship, student recipients are expected to submit a written report on progress achieved with fellowship funds and (optionally) present their work at a UROC student symposium or other forum. Is this something you are willing to complete?
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